California Dreaming

It was 3 years ago today when I visited California for the first time. I knew then I was going to move here one day. I was so sure it was going to be back then. Instead, to my surprise, I swore I would never move to California, especially San Francisco, no matter what!

Well, folks, here we are. 3 years later, unpacking our newlywed lives in our new 820 square foot apartment in San Jose, California, just 45 minutes away from San Francisco. Never say never.

Looking back on that trip, I realize now that it was a big personal stepping stone. It was, I believe, my first semi-professional trip, to Google IO nonetheless, all expenses paid for. All by myself. A big girl! It was also one of my most memorable and dedicated photo adventures. I had recently purchased my Sony DSLR and I was ecstatic to put it to use!

The adventure was quick, but was thoroughly enjoyed. Mom is coming to visit again this weekend and I can’t wait to see what sort of adventures we get into!

xo, Stefanie


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