Soundset 2016 Twin Cities

Soundset Festival 2016 Twin Cities

My Soundset tradition began back in 2012 when my friend, Ian, asked me to join him last minute to this all day hip hop festival. Me, being the adventurist and die hard hip hop fan I am, went along, no questions asked. His friend had bailed and I was the lucky recipient of a VIP entry!

The festival is held the same day every year, rain or shine, on the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend. It always rains, including this year. Don’t let the severe sun burns fool you. Last year was particularly painful – it rained all 8 hours we were there in 50 degree weather.

Soundset is particularly epic for hip hop lovers because it really embraces the culture and gives local artists the opportunity to perform, and the community the chance to explore those local artists. Of course, they also bring in some major names which makes for an epic experience. They have break dancing shows, graffiti and art displayed, a small car show, plenty of merch, and a skate park. Attendees really step up their game and take their fashion and style to the next level. This year was filled with dutch braids, tats, cool kicks and dark lips.

This year was special as my favorite artist, Machine Gun Kelly, FINALLY joined the festival on the main stage. To be honest, I prefer his intimate #laceup shows quite a bit more, however, this meant a big stepping stone for him IMHO. Other artists that impressed me were A$AP Rocky and Lizzo. A$AP with his insane stage presence – them vibes!, and Lizzo with her feminist “in-your-faceness.” I tried to catch a glimpse of Post Malone, but the smaller Fifth Element stage he was performing at was so packed that it was overflowing into the arena. I got to sing “Saucin’, saucin’, I’m saucin’ on you” along from the ferris wheel instead, included as part of our VIP experience 🙂

If you’re ever in the Twin Cities and like hip hop music and the culture, I highly recommend the Soundset festival. Bring some rain gear, dress up (or don’t), bring a camera (people watching is pretty epic!), and bring sunblock!

Here are a few shots of this weekend at the festival, the artists, and the fun that was had.


Reminiscing Minnesota

Happy Wednesday!

It has been 32 days since we moved to California. Truthfully, even though we have not had much time to explore, I have enjoyed it more than expected. Those mountains!! I simply can’t get over how beautiful the mountains are in California. It wasn’t until this week when I was going through some old pictures that I started to reminisce about Minnesota and all of the beautiful things that make that state so wonderful. People aside, here are a few:

  • The lakes
  • The sunsets
  • The old buildings filled with history
  • The gorgeous sunsets
  • The eerie, peaceful, foggy mornings
  • So much more!

California Dreaming

It was 3 years ago today when I visited California for the first time. I knew then I was going to move here one day. I was so sure it was going to be back then. Instead, to my surprise, I swore I would never move to California, especially San Francisco, no matter what!

Well, folks, here we are. 3 years later, unpacking our newlywed lives in our new 820 square foot apartment in San Jose, California, just 45 minutes away from San Francisco. Never say never.

Looking back on that trip, I realize now that it was a big personal stepping stone. It was, I believe, my first semi-professional trip, to Google IO nonetheless, all expenses paid for. All by myself. A big girl! It was also one of my most memorable and dedicated photo adventures. I had recently purchased my Sony DSLR and I was ecstatic to put it to use!

The adventure was quick, but was thoroughly enjoyed. Mom is coming to visit again this weekend and I can’t wait to see what sort of adventures we get into!

xo, Stefanie